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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rugby star choosing mission over millions

As I mentioned in The LDS rugby connection (click here) Will Hopoate is setting aside millions of dollars to serve a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It is always impressive when it clicks in our young men's heads about how important the gospel is.  More important than these millions of dollars in Will Hopoate's case to play rugby. 

Most young men don't have that particular temptation to consider when it is time to serve a mission for the Lord, but there is always something.  Whether it is a girlfriend, a job, a car, schooling or fear or any number of other things, there is always something that will try to keep a young man from serving a mission.  I've talked to a number of men as they made their decision and they have something to keep them rooted to home and away from the great learning and opportunities that a mission brings.  So it is always fun to see the young men make a good choice and follow the voice of the prophet and to serve. 
Here is a video about Will, interestingly as I understand from his father on this video, his father chose not to serve and regretted it.  Good for Will that he decided to serve.  Congratulations to all the young men and women who make that choice to serve a mission for their Savior Jesus Christ. 

Pictures of missionaries serving:
Young women serve as Sister Missionaries. 
Young men serve as Elders, which is an office in the Priesthood, missionaries. 

Older couple also serve as missionaries.

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  1. what a good guy! and a great example for other young men :) he will be immensely blessed for his obedience and i know he'll never regret deciding to go serve the Lord :) it's funny how those who aren't members of the Church don't quite get it though - to them it seems ridiculous to walk away from such a good thing he has going


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