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Friday, May 27, 2011


Somewhere between the "Sweet Sixteen" birthday and the initial adulthood birthday of eighteen lies the seventeenth Birthday.  For many it is not that exciting.  Today in our own mild way Haleigh celebrated her 17th birthday and had a great time.  It started with our families traditional going out to eat and ended with of course Bruster's ice cream, but in the middle you can see for yourself.
What could be causing the bag to tremble from the inside?
Very inside joke--surely not a writhing reveler.

It's amazing but her first cell phone at age 17!

And the first call is from her sister Hilary!
A reminder of younger years "Happy Birthday music box" from Grandma.

Not watermelon but even better, art supplies!

Hugs for Grandma!
The "unknown hug".  Anyone can imagine themselves getting that bear hug.
The art portfolio bag with the accurate letter tag.

Modeled by Haleigh herself.
And of course there must be books!
 All this was wrapped up by downloaded music from one sister and an Aunt, a promise of a card in the mail from another and a check from Grandma and Grandpa.  And a day at Dad's work--what could be better?  A great happy birthday to our youngest who is not so young anymore.

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  1. yay!! fun to see pictures especially from the cell phone escapade!!! :) i miss being around for family bday celebrations!!! i can picture in my mind's eye the joking and teasing and laughing together...also in my mind's stomach i can taste the bruster's - yummmmm..... :)


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