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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Life: Coming and Going

I'm learning that there is something that happens to a man (at least me anyway) when he gets around age 50.  Maybe it is because this is the time around when his parents, other family and friends begin to die.  Or maybe it is because that man's children are reaching the age of marriage and parenting.  Additionally aches and pains and other disruptions begin to happen and help the man see himself as he has really always been -- weak.  So between those two veils that we call birth and death there is much to temper a man and turn his thoughts from all those things that might have distracted him (money, sports, career and etc.) and those things seem to lose their allure as he contemplates more seriously than ever before where we come from and where we are going.

By accident I ran across this song on my ipod that I had forgotten about entirely.  I wanted my daughter who is close to having her first child listen to this.  This song so excellently gives the feeling of hope at the birth of a new baby, "I've been hoping I know how to raise you right".  Surely most parents have that hope.  Maybe another neighboring hope would be to add, "I hope I don't get distracted from raising you the best I can". 

The idea of having to guess about what is best at any given time is one that is true for parents.  With no experience and only half paying attention to other parents, we become a parent where all of a sudden a long train of "what do I do nows" come along.  These will actually keep us busy for the rest of our lives.  Like even now with my children who are grown that question comes up when I think about my current role.  And so...I keep making my best guess, hoping that I'll get much of what I do in the realm of "right" even if not "right on". 

This song somehow seemed to connect with feelings about my father-in-law who died a few months ago.  I remember the family prayer with the request that he be there to meet each of us as we take our turns to come through the veil in the future.  Dad was a singer and I could imagine him taking us through the veil as we closed our lives on this earth singing lullabyes as he might walk us through the night toward the light.

A beautiful song that brings the joy of those coming, the best of being here as a parent and looking forward to joining again with those who are gone before us, all together in one song.   

Cherie Call sings "Walk You Through the Night".

Walk You Through the Night

(Cherie Call)

I don’t have eyes in the back of my head
I don’t wear bright red knee high boots or a leotard with an “S”
And I only have five senses, the sixth one’s never there
When I don’t know why you’re crying I just have to guess
I see you’re having trouble sleeping, so am I.
I’ve been hoping I know how to raise you right
I can’t cast a magic spell, but I can take you for a trip around the block
Rest your head now while I hold you tight
And I will walk you through the night

As we walk beneath the sparkling stars
Your body’s getting heavier, you’re finally giving in
And my mind slips through the future, to the troubles you could have
And I don’t know how to fix them, I just have to guess
You are bound to have some nightmares, so am I
But you can count on me to hold you when you cry
I can’t take it all away
But I can tell you I’ve been down this road before
I can’t promise that I’ll always get it right
But I will walk you through the night

And if it’s raining, I will drive you
And if it’s late at night, I don’t care what time you call
I may not be the best at very many things
But I believe I love you perfectly.

Time goes by so relentlessly
I hope that you outlive me, that’s how it’s meant to be
And I believe in Heaven, but there are still some things
That I just can’t fully fathom, I just have to guess
If God will grant my wish, I will wait for you
Beyond the veil just before you slip through
And as you softly close your eyes
I will sing my lullabies to you
And before you make your way into the light
I will walk you through the night
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