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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Manly Man Trianing #25 :Becoming doctrinal experts

Why become a doctrinal expert you might say: of course so you can know the truth and have the freedom that is promised in John 8:32, And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free

Freedom from what?  Freedom from sin, freedom from ignorance, freedom from those who would like to lead you down wrong paths by telling you lies, half-lies or truths mixed with lies.  Isn't that how much of the world is convinced to do things that are detrimental and wrong?  Tell them a truth or two, truths that are well known or easily supported and then give them the zinger that takes a detrimental detour.

It reminds me of social psychology, which I studied in college many years ago, a theory existed that if you could get people to agree with you a certain number of times that your chances of getting that agreement the last time (whether for good or ill, right or wrong) was very greatly enhanced.  It seems to work.  Almost as if people think while they are listening, "I believe that, and that, and, this guy is smart that must be true too".  Scary. 

We need to become experts so that we cannot be tricked by sophistication,  psychological deri doo or other deceptions, distortions or snares. 

Naturally becoming an expert takes time.  And let me suggest one really great way to learn--talk with your wife.  Discuss what you understand and listen closely to her understanding.  That will give you something worthwhile to discuss and she can help you see where you need to study or understand more clearly or at least will bring up some good questions that you need to figure out how to answer in ways that conform to truth. 

"I invite you to also become experts in the doctrines of the gospel--especially the doctrine of the priesthood."  This invitation was extended by President Uchtdorf in April conference.  Ultimately we must turn our attention to the scriptures and then to prayer so that the Spirit can instruct us in correct doctrine and probably even more to the point correct personal instruction in how to live the doctrine in our lives.  Get started quick! 

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