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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Second Coming

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is something that surely most Christians, including Mormons, look forward to.  I can see that some would want to put it off because they have a particular interest in what is happening in their life right now but others wish it would come quickly and be done with.  It certainly has been interesting to read a variety of writer's ideas of how things will build up to the second coming.  The scriptures are open to enough interpretation that there are many creative view of how this will come about. 

Here are a few series that I have read describing their view of the second coming or the end of the world that I have enjoyed:  The Left Behind series by Tim Lehaye and Jerry Jenkins, Millennial Glory series by Wendie Edwards, Seventh Seal series by Jessica and Richard D. Draper, A Place called Kolob and the sequel A Place called Eden by John McRae, The Millennial Series by Pam Blackwell, The Millennial Quest Series by John Pontius and there are plenty of others.  The Millennial Glory and Seventh Seal Series' do an especially good job at presenting an LDS viewpoint and trying to stay close to scripture and other revealed words about the second coming. 

Just in the last couple weeks here in the United States we have seen some fulfillment of scripture that in the last days there would be false prophets and false Christs that would mislead many.  An obscure minister predicted the second coming and those that believed were duped.  It has been interesting that a minister whom I had never heard of became common water cooler talk at work and a household name overnight because the media took the story and made it huge.  Newspapers of all sorts had his story.  Over the years there have been other ministers and groups and even movies that have expected the end of the world to occur at a certain time. 

As you would expect the Church has declared our beliefs in brief about the second coming.  Nowadays that can happen on YouTube instead of in a press conference.  Here is a reassertion by Dallin Oaks about what we understand regarding the Second Coming. 

Dallin Oaks: Second Coming video
It seems to me that our focus needs to be less on when the second coming is and more on preparing ourselves and our families for it.  Preparing in two ways, one to follow what modern prophets have said in regard to having food storage to make it through some difficult times.  But more importantly to prepare spiritually so we can be lead by the Spirit to follow the true prophet and to be focused on the real Savior and not other men who fancy themselves able to do the job. 


  1. I've been studying this topic all week in preparation for my Gospel Doctrine lesson. I have found it interesting the many prophesies that have been fulfilled within the past few years. Not only the false prophets but also the weather. Natural disasters are abundant. But as the scriptures say, these are times that we should rejoice in and not be afraid of.

  2. i think it's cool that Elder Oaks talks about preparing ourselves, but also helping others prepare too. it's neat that preparing yourself is a part of preparing others :) i've thought a bit about the second coming recently as i've heard about all the natural disasters and things that have been going on all over the world. what a comforting thing to know that if we are prepared we don't need to be afraid!! otherwise it could be a pretty scary thing especially not knowing what to expect!


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