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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hope ya know...

Yup as you saw yesterday I am a big BYU fan.  Today I thought I'd make it real clear.  I still love BYU, but not just the sports but all the learning that goes on there too. 

When I was young I loved mathmatics so this video about some of the great BYU math students was cool to me. 

What if...
The smart kids in school were as popular as the athletes?
The intellectual competitions had as much attendance and excitement at sports?
We valued effort in learning as much as effort in a game?
What if...

A BYU PHD Math Student:

BYU mathmatics education master's degree

Friday, March 9, 2012

Can ya tell...

Alright, I don't know if you've noticed but I like BYU.  I'm an alumni of BYU.  So is my wife and my oldest daughter.  Two daughters are finishing up and my youngest daughter is planning on BYU-I.  So is it any surprise that I would be a BYU fan?  I ran across a BYU questionnaire the other day that ask questions like "Do you wear BYU gear at least once a week?" etc.  My score was so high that I was designated a True Blue Fan.  That's a good thing from this point of view.

Despite the fact I am a BYU fan I haven't know a whole lot about their gymnastic team.  I was aware there is such a team but I am not a big fan of gymnastics.  I usually watch a bunch of that at the Summer Olympics but that usually lasts me just fine for the next four years.  But then I was directed to this video at the bottom of the page that features the gymnastics team and some of the pictures also below struck me as quite good art and creative in their presentation. 

So I think I'll claim all things BYU!  Enjoy!

The members of the team for 2012 are Megan Bain, Natalie Eyre Pickard, KayCee Gassaway, Jordan hayden, Krysten Koval, Jennifer Leseu, Marguerite Lindstrom, Holland Matheson, Mickell Merrell, Michelle Padilla, Haylee Rollins, Stephanie sander, Jordan Schult, Raquel Willman, Sarah Yandou.  Coaches: Brad Cattermole, Dawn Cattermole, Shauna Mertz

See the YouTube video below for the making of the BYU gymnastics pictures above.

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