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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guest blog: An unnecessary lie

William H. Macy told an unnecessary lie
Awhile back I saw this headline on aol news:

"Actor Has Not Lied in 20 Years"
This intrigued me, so I clicked on the body of the article to read more:

"Around 20 years ago, actor William H. Macy told an unnecessary lie to someone that could have potentially helped him with a project."
I didn't read any further.  All my attention and thoughts were riveted on the phrase "unnecessary lie".

What does that mean exactly, an "unnecessary lie?"  My next thought was this: if there is such a thing as an "unnecessary lie", then it must follow that there is such a thing as a "necessary lie".  Are there really things that legitimately fall into this category?  What kinds of things?  Things you say to spare someone's feelings when your honest feedback might be hurtful?  ("Your new haircut looks great!")  False or misleading information given to protect your privacy, or a loved one's safety?  (I was tempted to give a fake phone number recently when a retailer asked for my home phone number at the checkout.)  What would be the criteria by which a lie would be judged to be "necessary" or "unnecessary?"  Who would make that judgment? 

Is honesty really always the best policy?

I guess the answer to that question depends on this question: best for who? 

Lots of questions today, but the answers will have to come from you.  Happy pondering.

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  1. wow, lots of thought-provoking questions! it's hard to come up with some overarching, hard and fast rule for honesty because i think it depends so much on the situation. when safety is involved, it seems like that should take precedence. when someone's feelings are involved, it seems like honesty is a good idea but it should be approached gingerly because people's feelings can be tender! i guess if you're living right and doing your best to follow the Spirit and be on the same page with Heavenly Father, you'll know what's right in regards to honesty because you'll feel good inside about whatever way you decide to go :)


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