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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Emma's last dream

After the recent dissemination of information about Joseph's last dream, now we have some information about Emma's last dream.  Joseph and Emma were husband and wife and after Joseph's murder she was left to raise their children and they remained in Nauvoo when most of the saints left t go westward. 

Some doubt that the dream is accurate or even occurred due to the fact that it is only known through two levels of telling.  More information is available about her dream by clicking here.  The video below gives a brief overview of the dream.

To me the intriguing part of the dream is the patience required to have all her children who had died in mortality.  Was the patience for her to wait until the end of her life or was it intended to refer to additional patience after death?  Being a parent that has had a child die, I can understand the desire to have that child again and it is hoped that the opportunity to raise those children will occur in the Millennium. 

Maybe you'll find this video interesting as well.  

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  1. hmm, that is an interesting dream! i know i've wondered on occasion what the situation will be with Dallas Jr. and yours and mom's being able to raise him. didn't emma and joseph lose multiple children? that's interesting that there was one child in the mansion and for some reason that one was there but none of the others. i wonder why she had to be patient for those ones. again, a dream i'd never heard of before! :)


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