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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Marital Bliss

The wedding is over and Megan is officially married.  She and Josh are on their first and short honeymoon which they had to fit in between school for Josh.  The big honeymoon we are told will be in August when they are able to go to Spain. 

We returned home and all the family is back to where they belong.  Megan and Josh called for Father's Day with some fun exciting times.  Those that know Megan know that she tends to dwell on culinary activities and this was no exception as she described a crab soup with pureed sweet potatoes.  She mentioned a fancy hotel they stayed in and how helpful the staff was. 
The Springville Art Museum.
Her wedding went off without a hitch.  The reception was beautiful and the ambience of the art museum added to it.  
Nate was called upon to give Megan the kiss on the cheek for the camera.
It really is a father's dream to see his children married in the temple.  Knowing of course that there will be plenty of difficulty and challenges in their married life but to see it started off with recognition of the Savior and optimism is a real blessing.  Here is to wishing Megan and Josh lots of opportunity to grow together and build a family on a solid foundation of love for God and each other.   
A piece of art that Megan could appreciate! 
Megan and Josh seem well matched and have a lot of potential.  As seems to be the lot of the older generation we will be watching and wishing them well. 

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  1. haha that pig picture is awesome!!! :) it was so fun to enjoy the happiness of their wedding together with family and friends! and i bet that megan and josh are even happier now that all the stress of planning everything is over :)


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