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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The snow capped mountains of Utah

One thing i was really looking forward to on my trip to Utah (aside from the main reason of going for my daughter's wedding) was I was hoping that Utah would still have snow on the mountains.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not a skier or snow boarder or anything like that.  In my life that is right next to daredevil.  No, I just love the snow.  I was looking forward to seeing the snow on the mountains and feeling the cool breezes down in the valley. 
Taken from inside the Harold B. Lee library on BYU campus. Note the snow covered mountain in the background.
As you can see there is still snow on the mountains.  My wife wondered if I would take a ride up to the mountains to frolic in the snow, but it was just enough to see it whenever I raised my sights to the mountains.  It is my understanding from talking to friends there in Utah that the snow pack was 200% of normal this year and the cooler temperatures of June have aided in keeping the snow in the mountains.  One friend who is a girl's camp stake director commented that the place they had scheduled to attend girls camp in June was snowed in with several feet of snow and they had to reschedule elsewhere.  The result was that they had to have ward girl's camps because they couldn't find another place on such short notice large enough to accommodate the whole stake. 

Of course the concern by many in Utah is with the potential for flooding when the snow does finally melt.  To add to it all they have had more rain in Utah than usual in recent weeks.  The weather for the wedding was great but we did see some rain as we were leaving for the airport.  In past years when I lived in Utah, rain was rather scarce, so it was a surprise to me.  We also returned to VA to rain which is neither unexpected nor unappreciated here. 
This picture added to give you the look of the cool nights.
As for the cool breezes in the valley: well it was very nice to have cool nights and mornings in the 50's but on some of the afternoons it did get rather warm and sunny.  I even managed to get sunburn, on my head of course. 

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  1. someone needs to invent a wedding appropriate baseball cap for bald guys who have to be outside in the sun for their daughter's wedding pictures ;) we loved the weather in UT also! and we appreciated it even more when we got back to hot, sweaty, sticky MN! :) the snow looks so beautiful when it's capping the mountains, but it's only been a couple months since the snow in MN disappeared for good so i'm glad it was only in the mountains on the trip...i wasn't ready for it to encroach into normal living space again yet ;)


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