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Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Joseph Smith's Last Dream"

I was reading a blog by a Mormon author that I enjoy (which you can see by clicking here).  It tells of a dream by Joseph Smith shortly before his martyrdom that seemed to foreshadow his coming death.  It is somewhat similar to NDEs or near death experiences that I have read many of and studied in college a little bit.  Just to be clear though it is a dream and not a near death experience.  I find it thought provoking and thought you might too. 

Below are the video made by and LDS video producer: Seth Adam Smith.  The painting above is an attempt by an LDS artist to paint the scene--Jon McNaughton.  The last video is concerning the authenticity of the dream and the recording of it by W.W. Phelps. 

I would be interested to hear what you think. 

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  1. i have never heard anything about this "last dream" before - that is really neat! i am thinking maybe Joseph had that dream to help him be prepared for what was going to happen just a few days later. i think that the part in the dream about jumping overboard with the thought of walking on water to make it out safely is pretty intriguing. they knew that they had to leave the steamboat, and they decided they would aim for something that they had heard of, but never done: walking on water. essentially it was something that was unknown to them. at some point all of us have to leave this world and experience something that we've heard of, but that is essentially unknown to us: death. just like with anything unknown, we may be nervous or at least lack in confidence to begin with - just as Joseph and Hyrum did when they first made efforts to walk on the water. in the end it turned out okay and they were greeted by the Savior and other loved ones. what an interesting dream! just knowing the climate of the time and the attitudes toward Joseph Smith and the Church, perhaps he worried about dying at times or even just knew that it must be coming sooner or later. i would imagine that having a dream like this one might help to assuage his anxiety/worry/whatever it might have been. thanks for teaching me something new! :)


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