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Friday, April 29, 2011

The results are in!

Who is that fellow with my daughter?
As some are aware this last week in our home has been busy and included a number of highlights including Megan's fiance, Josh, coming to meet the parents (us).  Part of that tradition in our family was that Josh had his official "interview" with me.  No application needed to be filled out but because he was vouched for by Megan we moved directly to the interview stage to see his preparation and readiness.
Mike with his prize: Jaime

Dane with his prize: Anny
 Josh was prepared by the two previous interviewees, Mike and Dane.  Although I wasn't privy to the conversations I suspect that they either gave condolences, teased him unmercifully or encouraged him in a manly way to buck up and take his medicine. 
Josh before the interview

One question had him thinking pretty hard.

I couldn't tell if this was a look of relief or disbelief when I ended the interview.
Maybe both.
Josh passed the interview! [This was announced in Priesthood opening exercises to the pleasure of all the Priesthood holders.]  He is officially on the fast track to marriagedom or marraigemania, take your pick.  He has passed one of the last hurdles to getting married.  Having already received the acceptance of Megan and now her father's recommendation, he now can move on to more mundane things like invitations, reception decisions and how to become all that he can be.

Josh's scores?

When all the interview scores were announced the looks were 'precious' you be the judge of what their feelings were
And naturally in the excitement of the victory...

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  1. Jeez dad, you always had a knack for taking pictures out of context; BAHAHA! Love you tons; I'm glad you're ready to welcome Josh into the family. HE'S THE BEST! :)


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