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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

15 Smiles +1

A smile can be such a big lift in your day.  I recall when I was a student at BYU and would walk up the ramp to campus from Heleman halls.  It was a good feeling to have other students smiling at me.  Something about someone caring.  I didn't need help or a shoulder to lean on (well unless there was ice on the ramp then someone to hang on would have been nice until I learned how to walk on ice--since I was from the East coast.)  I am amazed at the happiness and strength not to mention comfort that a smile can bring.  So what I thought I would do is put together some great smiles for you to get you going on a better day.  Feel free to come back and enjoy these smiles whenever you need a lift!

3 Nephi 19:25  ...Jesus blessed them...and his countenance did smile upon them...

So many languages in the world, 
and a smile speaks them all. 
-- Unknown


  1. haha i like the smile pictures! and i really love the quote at the end :) if i ever need a handful of smiles, i know where to come!


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