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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guest Blog: Breakdown Blessing

On our way home from church Easter Sunday, our mini-van suddenly lost all power.  Everything quit working: the A/C, the dashboard lights, the power windows and power steering--the engine!  We were ascending a hill at the time, and we held our collective breaths and hoped we'd be able to crest the hill, which would allow us to coast to the bottom and turn into the parking lot of a local department store.  Thankfully, we made it.

I'm so grateful for this breakdown!  Well, not the breakdown per se, but more specifically, the timing of it. 

It could have happened seven hours earlier while we were on the freeway, on our way to pick Hilary up from the airport, home for the summer from college.

It could have happened after midnight two nights earlier, on our way home from picking Megan and her fiance Josh up from the airport.

It could have happened as Dallas drove to pick me up from my own flight home from Minnesota, close to midnight Wednesday night.

But it didn't.  It happened here in our little hometown, close to church and friends who were easily able to rescue us and take us home, our own trusted mechanic well within the 5-mile towing limit on our auto insurance policy.

Another of the Lord's abundant tender mercies.


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