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Monday, March 21, 2011

Wedding bells keep ringing

The wedding bells just keep on ringing in this house of four daughters.

Last week negotiations were closed with a successful season of dating and Matrimonial compatibility was found to exist between Megan and Josh.  Consequently with a variety of rings the engagement phase of the relationship was entered!  Megan and Josh have set the date of June 16 for their wedding. 

In the Provo temple.

Photo by BK Barnes Photography (click picture to go to their website)
 Currently all signs are leading to the possibility of having the same photographer as at Jaime's wedding.

Click Logo to go to her website.

Now our minds have blasted from 0 to 100 MPH and are in quick preparation phase for the wedding.  Fortunately since we are getting a little old it has only been a few months since Jaime got married and we might be able to remember how to put a wedding together!  Preparations are advancing at full swing.

Megan and Josh are expected to be her for a weekend in April so that we can meet him and so I can conduct the all-important INTERVIEW.

So while Josh is sweating it and preparations are being made, we will all will be hearing the wedding bells as we prepare.   A new son is about to be borne into the family! 

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