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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I believe

Another neat song of the classical vocal type.  In recent years I have learned to appreciate those with a great voice especially when they use it in a song that is positive and with words that have meaning to me.  I would describe this song as a song of hope or even yearning for a time of peace.  It touches not only on the peace of nations but seems to imply the peace of individuals as well.  I look forward to a time when the news won't be telling that we just sent 100 missiles into a country.  But additionally I long for the time when there will not be leaders of nations that will harm people and we as Americans will not silently or vocally wish that our country would intercede for the peace of a country or the world.  A time when they will not be necessary because the desire to harm and control will be gone and only the desire to help and share peacefully.  I hope you enjoy the song as well. 

Hopefully needless to say Andrea Bocelli and Katherine Jenkins are real superstars in this type of music. 


I Believe by Andrea Bocelli and Katherine Jenkins


One day I'll hear
the laugh of children
in a world where war has been banned

One day I'll see
men of all colours
sharing worlds of love and devotion.

Stand up and feel
the Holy Spirit,
find the power of your faith.

Open you heart
to those who need you
in the name of love and devotion

Yes I believe

I believe in the people
of all nations
to join and care
for love.

I believe in a world
where light will guide us,
and giving our love
we'll make heaven on earth.

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