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Friday, March 25, 2011

Then no violence will be necessary.

Doesn't that title catch your attention.  Violence...Necessary?  Isn't that the way our world works sometimes.  Someone does something to one person and that person determines violence is necessary to protect them, or honor those who were harmed or even to protect their own honor.  Often violence is done as a warning to others.  "Don't mess with me!"  Hmmm.

That phrase ("Then no violence will be necessary) was told to me by my friend.  He described a situation that had happened in his family where a 40+ year old man from his church had contacted his daughter in her mid twenties asking her to go on a date.  My friend and his daughter wasn't keen on the idea.  My friend had the man investigated and found some big concerns about the fellow.  So he went to his minister and in that conversation with his minister he told him that as long as the man didn't contact his daughter any more "then no violence will be necessary".  He told me that the minister was surprised and alerted by that phrase.  As he should be since I know my friend. 

I wonder is violence ever necessary?  Interesting question.  I used to think it would be ideal to be a peaceful man who could be extremely violent if it were necessary.  In my mind I imagined the necessity might be if my family were in danger and being threatened by criminals.  But more recently I have come to the conclusion that violence of that sort would require a man who has prepared both physically and mentally for violence.  My preparation has been in the realm of peace and calm.  Consequently, I have realized that my ability to reason with someone and talk to them and help them see the humanity represented is my best defense and that violence isn't necessary but rather a choice. 

Now, my friend who shared his experience with me is a man who is capable of violence but has most recently trained in peace and calm.  Currently he feels stronger in his ability to be successful in the realm of violence but with continued training I expect he will gain confidence in his capacity to be successful with peace and calm rather than violence and harm. 

Ghandi said, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

I wish we were all in training for peace. 


  1. you would be a good hostage negotiator, dad! =)

    and it's interesting that you write this post. I just started watching "The War" documentary on WWII that Aunt Lesli got me a long time ago, and the first segment talks a lot about why we entered the war. Lots of the soldiers called it a "necessary" war and said that they understood why it had to be fought. So maybe, for some, violence is never necessary on an individual scale, but maybe on a much larger scale?????? Interesting!!!! =)

  2. Dad, I really like this post! One thing I myself have given some thought to (although maybe it's more of a man thing to think about than a woman thing) as well is protecting my family from those who would seek to do them physical harm (I am also concerned about protecting them from other kinds of harm, but that's not the point this time). I like how you came to the realization that your natural talents (I typed that and it came out "talklents"...hahaha, how appropriate :) would still potentially be of use to you in such a situation even if most people wouldn't think they could be. I think in general that our God-given talents are quite a bit more versatile than we realize or imagine. Thanks for helping along the paradigm shift :) Love you!


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