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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Umbrellas and manhood

I read a post today by C.Jane which you can read by clicking here.

It reminded me that umbrellas and manhood don't go together.  Since I've been a man a number of years and male gendered even longer, I should know.  There is something about umbrellas that diminish manhood in the minds of many. 

I have a umbrella hanging on my coat tree at work.  Theoretically it is for days when it is raining and I could use it to protect me from the rain as I go to my car and then into the house while it is raining.  But I have not used it once.  It never seems like I need it.  It just seems a little weak for a man to use an umbrella. 

When you get into a car you have to close the umbrella with the car door open and the rain gets in your car and on you anyway.   

But mostly it just seems unmanly. 

I have no feelings about ladies who use umbrellas, that's fine.  I see very few men using umbrellas.  I suppose in big cities where more walking than riding is done the necessity may overcome the gender bounds.  Here it is just not manly. 

So what is a man supposed to do in the rain.  Well walk quickly to his destination and let the rain get on you.  Running through the rain is acceptable but only in an emergency situation. 


It IS perfectly fine to have a nice rain coat that protects you well.

What is it that creates these gender expectations.  Did anybody decide this or how did it get started?

Can you see a man using these umbrellas?

 Nah!  Only one condition exists for a man to use an umbrella. 

Yep, you guessed it, to get closer to the woman he loves!  Now you know what an umbrella is for! 

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  1. haha yep - mike helped me pick out a cool umbrella but i do not think he has one of his own :) and he does take advantage of the opportunity to cuddle up close to me while we're walking in the rain when i have my umbrella out - then he drops me off at the passenger door with the umbrella still there to protect me until i'm in, and i think at that point he might just ditch the umbrella instead of keeping it out to protect himself as he walks around the car. hahaha :)


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