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Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Music #11 Aselin Debison: Love So Rare

With my second daughter getting married this week, my thoughts turned to a great song by Aselin Debison who is a Canadian singer.  She was young when she started her singing career and to be honest I haven't seen much available from her recently, but this song is a stunner for Dad's who have daughters.  This particular video of it is touching in and of itself as she is singing to her own Dad. 
Aselin started singing when quite young so in the pictures you will notice a distinct difference in her age.  She is currently attending a University in Canada and is engaged to be married soon.  I note that her birthday is coming up later this month. 

Aselin Debison: Love So Rare

Surely every Dad would like to believe he has had a positive influence on his daughters.  As my own daughter prepares to be married I hope that she will be able to develop her relationship with her husband but that we will be able to maintain a good and fruitful relationship with me, her Dad.  This is for you--all four of my girls.

Like a tiny seed firmly in the soil
Nurtured with a love I think so rare
Given room to breathe, given time to see
It’s now so clear to me
You were there, you were there

When I was just a flower afraid out in the forest
Hiding from the shadows all alone
I knew you’d be along, my faith in you was strong
Like our favourite song
To lead me home, you led me home

And with each changing season
I grow a little stronger
Rising up to touch the open sky
And if I gave you a reason
not to hold me any longer
You gave me a thousand reasons why

You are my steady oak standing tall and strong
Protecting me with everything you have
And I know deep inside
I would not have survived
Without you by my side
Oh and I .... I love you dad

(Bruce Guthro) © 2002 Wall Street Publishing Ltd. (SOCAN)

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  1. i love you dad!!!!! thank you for being my steady oak and for protecting me :) this song made me cry when i listened to it and i know i never wrote you a song to tell you how much i love you or how grateful i am, but i hope you know it through my actions and through my words. thanks for putting this song on here, dad :) and thank you for being a dad that i could put my faith in, because you led me right in so many ways. i hope now that i'm grown i can keep making you proud and help you know what a great dad you really are. i've always been proud to call you my dad :)


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