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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Manly Man Training #16: Be a follower of Peace

Our world would not likely be characterized by many people as peaceful.  Of course there are the wars and rumors of wars, those fighting for different rights inside countries, even religious groups angry and threatening because of offense. 
Aside from that many if not most people lack peaceful feelings in their life.  They are worried about jobs, relationships, children and families.  Many homes are without peace as arguments and frustration, tense silence and tears of fear chase peace from many hearts.  

As Manly men we are required to be purveyors of peace.  We need to deal in peace of all kinds.  We need to pursue peace in our own lives and then carry that peace into the homes of those in need of it, including our own.

Sometimes we believe that keeping our mouth shut will keep the peace.  But then what happens in our minds and hearts while we ignore and pretend that their is peace where there is not?  
macabre Artwork by WK Interact
Other men believe hot protestations, with argumentative shouting and even violence will bring about peace.  It does not.
Even viewing and participating in supposed cathartic activities (i.e. sports, games etc.) to act out the mayhem and chaos inside us will not leave us peaceful.  
Art by Akiane
The way to peace is through the Prince of Peace.  He alone has the peace that can change us individually, as families and towns, states, countries and the world.  No other plan for peace can be successful.  Though many of us try our best, and have great plans and ideas, we must all allow the Savior to work his peace in our hearts so it can be expressed in the world.

Romans 14:19 "Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another."

We must do the actions of peace.  We must learn, then try, then repent until we get it.  It will be a process which will cleanse and purify us and our families.  It will provide us peace for the future, including the eternities, and for now.  It will provide us with peace when things go our way and we have enough money to meet our needs and to spare as well as when the job is lost and the mortgage goes unpaid.  It will provide peace as we sit through a brilliant spiritual church meeting and when we have the chaotic family home evening.  It will provide peace when in a neighborhood that is well protected and calm as well as in the midst of a war.  That peace resides in us and is felt and noticed by others.  That peace is not just based on the fickle circumstances of today but the certain verities of eternity.
Brethren let us seek to find and feel that peace and then spread it to those around us, this world needs us and as manly men the Lord depends on us. 

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  1. i would've sworn that i posted a comment on this one because i remember reading it! i was thinking about peace today actually and how there are so many things that can bring peace into people's lives and hearts, but how little peace there sometimes seems to be around us. i think one of the coolest things that a person could ever be is a person who brings peace to others. i think that would be one of the best compliments i could ever receive :) and to be able to be a peace-bringing person, one would have to have peace in his/her own heart. i am grateful for gospel truths that teach us how to have peace in every aspect of life despite what is going on around us


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