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Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Music #5: Moodorama--Grumblegoof

When I was raising my children I used to teach them that if something was prepared for them at dinner and they didn't like it or want to eat it that the proper way to communicate that was by saying, "I can't properly appreciate that".  That is the response I gave to my Sister-in-law when I was a teenager and she presented something for dinner that I dared not try.  That is what I would have to say about some of this groups music.  However some of it I can appreciate highly including this enjoyable song called Grumblegoof.

The name alone is enough to get my attention.  It makes me thing of if someone were to buy your favorite ice cream and when you noticed it in the freezer (I always check the freezer to see what kind of ice cream people have first thing after saying howdy! Ha!) you ask if you could have some.  What you hear is "no, blah blah blah", but what they actually say is "yes, blah blah blah" and so you close the freezer door with a sad expression on your face while grumbling.  They can tell what you THOUGHT they said and laugh at you and get you strait.  That is a grumblegoof! 

Grumblegoof by Moodorama.  The video is a still picture, the music is the star here. 

Moodorama is a German Electronic group specializing in what is called "downtempo trip hop" whatever that means.  It is something fun to listen to.

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  1. the song is pretty good - nice and chill and laid back. my favorite part about this though is your definition of a grumblegoof hahaha :) also it made me start jonesing for bruster's...


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