Sometimes we get stuck seeing things our way. Would you like to see some things through another set of eyes? Maybe it will make you think and stretch or maybe just chuckle or shed a tear. Here is my world through my eyes...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Between Veils

I live my life
Aware of the veil ahead
That I cannot see beyond

When I change perspective
And ponder my beginnings
I brush against another veil

Neither veil affords a view
To what came before
Or what will come after

The veils do not trap me
But simply define my present
Birth to death

Both veils are inviting
From my current perspective
An entrance and an exit

Not inviting to leave
But inviting to stay
To explore, learn and grow.

Explore this existence
It's privileges and mysteries
It's beauty and contrast

It's light and dark
Warm and cold
Strong and weak

Learn it's meaning and hope
It's individuality and sociality
It's love and hate

It's peace and chaos
Loneliness and longing
Freedom and duty

Grow to love and be loved
To respect and be respectable
To trust and be trustworthy

To know joy and be joyful
Care and be compassionate
Value others and be kind

Both veils bid me to be.
To become
Until I am

copyright 2011
by Dallas, Dad, Big D & I


  1. You wrote that dad?!? How cool!! I really like it :) I think it is comforting :)

  2. I like it too. I always love your poems; I like to think about what was going on in your life/mind that prompted those feelings :) Way to be!


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