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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Angela Johnson's sculptures of Christ

Angela Johnson has done some beautiful sculptures of Christ depicting some of the scenes from the New Testament. (Click here to go to her website)  I was able to see some of her sculptures when they were on display at the Washington DC temple visitor's center.

These two views of Lazarus' rising were pictures I took.

These video's below give you a little bit of info about Angela Johnson and her sculptures.
This first video is just over a minute if you don't have much time.  
This second video she explains more about getting into sculpting and what it has meant to her personally.  This is six minutes long. 
This last video is views of several of her sculptures shown to the song "Do You Have Room" by Shawna Belt Edwards.

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  1. is there really a display of these at thanksgiving point in utah? that would be so cool to go and see them if there is!!! :) that's awesome you got to see some on display in d.c.!


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