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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Suits not suited to me

There are some men who love to wear suits and then there are those who don't.  I am one of the latter.  Oh don't get me wrong I can wear one and not complain.  I can even wear one and act natural, but when I don't need a suit as part of my duties then I am not wearing it.  My suit typically starts to come off as soon as I walk in the front door.  I hang it up on a hanger and am glad to return it to the closet. 

One thing that grates on me about suits (and this is only one of the several things), is that they have to be cleaned.  Well that isn't exactly what bothers me about them, after all everything needs to be cleaned.  But suits have to be cleaned often and it costs several dollars to clean them.  Oh, lots of people complain about the cost of gasoline rising but not many folks think much about the cost of cleaning their suits.  I mean you have to pay for the suit and then have to pay to get the doggone thing cleaned so often.  I guess it bugs me to pay bucks to clean the suit when I don't like wearing it anyway.  I'd like to leave it at the cleaner and not pick it up! 

Here's my suggestion that would totally alleviate this particular concern I have about suits.  This picture below is the place I like to get my suits cleaned.  Well I don't like it but I do it.  At least the people are nice about taking my money.  Well in all honesty as I'm sure my wife will quickly point out, she is the one that takes them to get cleaned there and pays the bill.  I guess its kind of like magic.  I bring up one day that my suit needs cleaned and within a few days the suit is gone, and returned to my closet clean and smelling nice in a plastic bag with tags stapled on it.  My wife the wizard (X-drive). 

Anyway here is my suggestion to the suit making world.  Suit shops should all just close down and they should sell suits from the laundries.  Actually they would give them away for free but the only place they can get the suits cleaned is in the shop where you got them.  They will make their money back fairly quickly and all will be much smoother.  Then it won't be fancy name brands of suits that a person buys but they will be all named after a laundry.  "Hey, what laundry did you get that suit at, it looks nice?"  "Did you get a monthly or quarterly contract (in other words how often do you have to get it cleaned)?"  The whole suit wearing thing would be turned upside down and people like me would think they were getting a deal instead of being ripped off!  Probably men would smell better at church too. 

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA. who do we need to get ahold of for you to pitch this idea to, dad?

    the best part of this is the last sentence - "probably men would smell better at church too." HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA :)


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