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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hope Renewed

Dad remains in the hospital and the last word I heard was that he was still considered to be in a coma.  Last evening as Craig and Lesli were there with him they saw and heard him talking.  He had made some very briefly successful attempts at talking recently but yesterday he was speaking more regularly.  Craig started singing "Love at Home" and Dad joined in.  His words are still not understandable but his singing is still good. 

To those who hoped and those who had hope this is great news.  We still don't know the end result but we Hope for a restoration of all things.  Of course we know that restoration will occur in the resurrection which will probably include a restoration of things we don't even remember (like Dad's hair for instance -- not that I can say much) but... You might think that having such high hopes would likely lead to impatience.  But for me the optimistic pessimist, I will imagine the worst and hope for the best and plan to handle everything in between. 

I remember Dad as the fully functioning person and regardless of what functions he resumes in this life I will remember him like this picture.  The one who set me apart as a High Priest and the one who gave me a Father's blessing each time I ask since my own Dad had died.  Fond memories and comforting feelings each time.  Keep trying Dad!

Update sent via email from Mom:  I wanted to tell you that the speech therapist from Bethesda called this morning with the report that Dad has been singing with her and is saying some audible words. They can't always understand what he says but he is trying. Lynell says it's a four bunny day.

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