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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I love music

I love music.  My family is aware that I like music a lot.  Music is often playing in our house as we do a variety of other things.  We often have music playing even during dinner.  I have come to think of it as a mood moderator in the house.  I am typically trying to stay calm and keeping our home peaceful so the appropriate music is playing.  Occasionally though we need a little more pep as we need to get something done and so we play the appropriate music. 

I enjoy music from a variety of ages.  As I was growing up I heard a lot of classical that my Dad played as he was driving from place to place in the car.  As I got old enough to purchase my own music I started enjoying a variety.  My first cassette tape (which of course tells you about how old I am) that I purchased with my own funds was the sound track from Star Wars.  For a while my brother-in-law and I planned to be a DJ and put on dances to earn money (mostly to pay for the stereo equipment that we wanted to buy) so I was buying a lot of 'Disco Singles' which were vinyl records with one lengthy version of a disco song.  Our dream never happened but we enjoyed the thinking about it.

Nowadays I have an ipod which to me seems to be the greatest invention in the last 20 years because I can carry around my whole music library in something that fits in my pocket.  So my ipod goes to work where I have music playing throughout the day.  Anything from Jazz to New Age.  I play music very low with my clients that I see trying to set the right mood that is needed.  Most often they don't comment but occasionally someone acknowledges the music.  Only once did I have a client that couldn't stand the music and wanted it to be turned off. 

There is so much great music that I can never find a way to listen to it all.  I have so much on my ipod that I often 're-discover' an artist that I had forgotten about. 

So as I was contemplating writing this blog I had to find a song that would be just the right thing, so here it is, "I Love Music" by the the O'Jays.

I don't care for the 'wine' mentioned in the song (or whine for that matter) but the song does adequately express my love for music.  It has the power to motivate and educate and cultivate.  I remember as a youngster going to a Christian school and I had to memorize scriptures from the New Testament which I did by making up a song to put the scripture to.  Rather than let the music determine who I will be, though; I prefer to use the music to aid me in becoming who I choose to be. 

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