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Friday, February 18, 2011

The flummoxities of life

DeJuan was sitting at the kitchen table this morning prior to going to school.  Normally he is busy doing homework, reading or listening to something on his computer notebook.  Today he was just sitting there calmly with a funny look on his face, so I said, "You look like you are flummoxed".  He ask what that meant and I suggested that he look it up. 

Sure enough a couple minutes later he and Haleigh were looking it up on the computer.  (Click here to see what they saw).  He then came back with something like this, "I wasn't flummoxed until you suggested that I was."  And my reply was something on the order of "That word must be a self-fulfilling prophecy". 

Lisa latter suggested I start a word for the day with him since he seemed more animated in the morning after that than usual.  (i.e. he later came in the living room sitting in the comfy chair with his hand on his chin appearing to be trying to think of something to think about.) 

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