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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Manly ManTraining #29: Sunday Preparation and becoming

It is my experience that a lot of men leave preparation for church up to their wives.  This is especially true when there are children involved.  Consequently the wife has not only her ownself to get ready but also all the children.  That can be a daunting task, especially if your church services are early in the morning!

So what should a Manly Man do?  Well obviously he needs to be involved in getting the children ready for church as well.  That may involve getting up early to get himself ready in order that he can make sure the children are getting bathed and dressed and fed in plenty of time to make it to church on time. 

But honestly there is more involved in going to church.  It is not uncommon that the wife sets the tone for church service.  If she brings it up and tells everyone they are going then they go.  If not then everyone stays home, sleeping late or doing whatever.  The Manly Man needs to lead out in planning and preparing to attend church.  It shouldn't be left up to the energy of the wife but the husband should be planning the night before and really the whole week to attend church.  When it is clear in the family that both leaders of the family are set on going to church and willing to do what is necessary to prepare then the children will more quickly fall in line and complain less. 
Church attendance doesn't only mean getting everyone there on time, but also refers to what you are doing when you are at church.  For instance is the man participating in church?  Is he singing the hymns?  Is he asking questions in Sunday School or sharing his opinion about things?  Does he care about apiritual things and can you tell that by seeing his behavior at church?  Men need to be an example of not just attendance, and not only church involvement, but also becoming a Man of God, or in other words, incorporating church teachings and behavior into their daily lives. 

Actually that is how we prepare for church each week, by living what we have been taught at church throughout the rest of the week.  Living church teachings daily helps us be comfortable at church and even want to be there with others that believe and live as we do.  Church isn't just about attendance but about becoming a Godly person.

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  1. not having any kids yet i can't speak for that aspect so much, but it definitely is nice to be getting up and ready for church when both people are on the same side and are working to be ready to go and arrive at church on time! if one person is the driving force behind church attendance and the other is more of a follower it can make it tough to be in a peaceful, spiritually in-tune mood for church. and if one isn't living a life that leads to church preparedness, it will lead to the same effect each sunday also. sundays are without a doubt the best when everyone is prepared/preparing and is thus becoming :)


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