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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

29 Hearts for Valentines day

Lisa and I have been married for 29 Valentines days now so I arranged to give her a little bag with 29 hearts to remind her of this year as well as all of our past ones.  As you can tell some have been plain and some fancy.  I expect that if each one of those hearts represented a year that we have been married that she would have some good memories to go with each of those hearts.

Valentines can be tricky for men in particular.  This graphic below gives some ideas of things that have been done, mostly by men, for their sweethearts.  There is a site that has a lot of statistics that might make Valentines interesting for you at this site like Valentines spending in 2011 was 15.7 billion dollars.  Yikes!

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  1. wow!!! i had no idea that people spent that much!!!! that is nuts! it was cool to read the health and other benefits of giving though! and i like how in finland they have friends day and focus on people they love in all different kinds of ways! that is neat :) thanks for bringing me cool valentines facts! :)


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