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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A tidbit of "Wow" from BYU's football season so far

So the season hasn't started out as wonderful as we might have liked for BYU football.  BYU won the first ball game 14-13 over Ole Miss.  Seemed like it should have been a bigger win, but it wasn't.  Last week they played Texas and lost 17-16.  The first half Texas was terrible and we looked great.  The second half we had so much empathy for them we decided to give that terribleness a shot and of course we ended up losing the game.  So to this point the offense has shown a little bit of good and a lot of messy.  The defense has shown a good portion of great and a little bit of "what's going on".

So what is the "wow" referred to in the title.  How about this: More people have watched BYU football on T.V. in the last two games (drum role) than have watched them on T.V. in the previous six seasons!  That's amazing.  That should have been worth an additional two points in last weeks game!

So today we play the University of Utah in the rivalry game.  Should be interesting.  Which team will win by one point?  Even though the game's meaning is different since we both have left the Mountain West Conference, it still, like always will be one of the games that gets talked about the most.  I mean if you are a cougar fan, what games do you talk about in years to come?  The games we play Utah.  For proof, I was on the phone with my daughter who likes football and of course we were talking about the upcoming BYU UofU game.  She got so excited that she went on her smart phone and was playing a replay of the John Beck to Johnny Harline catch the won the game as the clock ran out a few years back.  Her husband, not a big football fan didn't sound too excited.  I guess you had to be there which she was or in my case getting texts from her as the game went along.  This is the game we talk about regardless of what bowl we go to and all that kind of stuff. 
Maybe this picture symbolizes BYU trying to stake their claim in the rocky ground of football independence.

Oh, and by the way, keep your eyes peeled for Prime Minister of Tonga and his wife Robyn Kaho.  They are attending the game from Tonga and have family on both sides of the football. 

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  1. Hahaha I am STILL excited about that catch not only from seeing it in person several years ago but from watching the video of it earlier this week :) I have to get mike to a BYU game someday so he can get excited about it too :) hopefully today's game goes well!!! I'll have to see if I can catch any of it amidst the activities of the day :)

    P.s. I really liked texting you throughout the games when I was out at school :) that was alot of fun especially since I knew you were at home listening to the game on the computer!


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