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Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Music #16: Midori: Gregorian Soul

In my efforts to find out more about Midori, I learned that is an alias for Medwyn Goodall an English musician.  He says he used the alias to separate this music which is more "eastern" and uses the "healing arts" so that his fans of his other music don't get them confused.  I have been unsuccessful in finding out all the details but this album seems to have been put out with at least two different cover arts and the song selection is different on the two albums as well.  Possibly this is a result of the music being put out in different countries or through different music companies.

Medwyn Goodall started as a musician when he was a child and recorded his first album at age 16.  His main instrument is a guitar but he has learned to play over a dozen instruments and uses them in his recordings.  Here are a few of the instruments that he plays just so you can get an idea: mandolin, piano, drums, harp, flute, glockenspiel, panpipes, vibraphone and synthesizer.  He has recorded over 75 albums.  
Medwyn and his wife Wendy together own MG music label that puts out New Age music albums. 

The Album is Gregorian Harmony:

The song is Gregorian Soul: (the video shows the same image throughout)

This song has a calming melody and the whole album uses Gregorian chants in a way that I haven't heard before.  Medwyn Goodall's music doesn't typically have Gregorian chanting, but this album is built around it.  Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. love it!!!! i am wondering if it's just a coincidence that this was posted after we talked about gregorian chant-ish music on sunday :) i listened for the "bee-ohh, bee-ohh, bee-ohh!!!" but none of that here hahaha ;) for some reason i really like gregorian chant/chamber music or whatever it's technically called! it is calming to me :)


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