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Friday, April 15, 2011


After long and protracted negotiations by professional negotiators, the dangerous and risky business of determining a wedding luncheon location has been decided to everyone's satisfaction.

While many restaurants were considered and eliminated and one was contacted but rejected prestigious offers; while the natives were getting restless and suggestions from many who had an eating stake at the table of precedent made strong suggestions; while strong arm tactics by experienced older sisters, grandmothers and others were tendered, while efforts of those used to negotiating with people's lives at stake, not to mention grades and other important things were used; with all efforts having been totally focused on food and the well-being of the wedding couple to assure that they survived at least their wedding day gastrointestonally speaking; all negotiations have now been closed and agreed upon and no lock out will be necessary!  The wedding couple has accepted the offer of Magleby's in Provo Utah!

Now all other wedding preparations can resume after stalling due to the inability of the brides family to guarantee a wedding luncheon.  Now that food is guaranteed all planners will return to planning the rest of the festivities.
All is at peace.

All is well.

All is copacetic.

All may return to a brief period of normality before the real excitement begins!



  1. yes! i made the blog!! i knew my haggling megan was worth it ;)

  2. p.s. what about the night before the wedding dinner, huh? should i throw tucanos out for that one?? ;)


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