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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Count Down

Most of the time when we think of a 'count down' it is something positive.  I remember when the girls were little that we would make paper chains to count down a number of things like how long till Christmas or vacation or whatever.  (Sometimes we had chains to count up, like the number of books we have read this summer.)  Each day of course one link would be removed and then the remaining chain indicated the number of days until the desired event. 

"Desired Event" here is the key term.  In four days Lisa goes to Minnesota to be visit her Mom and Dad.  Her Mom is now in a "care facility' where she is able to receive 24 hour care.  She is set up with her computer which allows her to maintain connection with her family and outside world.  Though she doesn't get to be in her home of many years she does have a place that by all reports is good with a private room.  I suspect that Mom is looking forward to Lisa's visit.  Possibly the highlight of the trip is that Lisa is planning to take her mother to the facility where her Dad is currently recuperating.  This will be the first time since the fall (her dad's fall in November, not the fall of Adam and Eve) that they will have seen each other. 

Lisa will be visiting her Dad of course while there as well.  By all reports he has progressed greatly over the last few months.  He is no longer in a coma.  He is much more alert and attentive and is making efforts to communicate although he still is not able to do so verbally.  With gestures and resonding to 'yes' or 'no' questions as well as mouthing words he is trying to be understood.  He apparently has responded with excitement that his oldest daughter is coming to visit. 

Lisa will also get to spend some time with our oldest daughter and her husband Mike.  Mike is our first son-in-law and by the way we look at things has joined the family and become a son.  (We anticipate he will have a brother in the family soon). 

Lisa will be visiting with her sisters and family as well.  It will be a good vacation for Lisa.

I know Jaime and Mike and Lisa are looking forward to going to Donatelli's for a meal which is a family tradition when we are in Minnesota.  That is our favorite restaurant.  I suspect they will eat some Italian Fries among other yummy things.  Of course they will tell me all about it, which should wet my appetite for...bread and water which is what I'll be eating here!  Okay maybe bread and milk!  Ha!
So needless to say with Lisa gone and Haleigh and I here it will be different.  Not entirely enjoyable without Lisa but I'm glad she can have a good visit with her family.  Haleigh has a variety of things to do over her Spring break and I have the normal stuff of going to work and so forth, including speaking in a branch in the Stake, so I'll stay busy but will miss my wife. 

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  1. donatelli's will be sad you aren't with us!! :) and of course we WILL enjoy it and tell you all about it ;)

    p.s. i still make paper chains! :)


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