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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kissing the scriptures

I have a co-worker who is Islamic.  We have enjoyed talking together about religion among other things.  He is from the far East and here in our country he is a leader in his religion.  He had met other LDS folks before and was somewhat aware of some of our beliefs.  In talking with him we realized that there are a lot of beliefs and practices that we have in common. 

In the beliefs area we believe in God and have several prophets that are the same.  Basically the old testiment prophets Moses, Abraham and others, along with Christ are major prophets in his religion. 

In the practices area he highly values his family and they are taught that family comes first.  They also highly value education and believe it is incumbant on them to get as much education as possilble.  In addition they believe it is important for the growth and happiness of the family to marry in their own religion.  We have discussed these things together and enjoyed finding common ground in our lives. 

One day he ask me if we had scripture that was unique to us.  I informed him that we believe and study the Bible, as well as the Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price and the Doctrine and Covenants.  He asked if it would be appropriate for him to get a copy and read it or was it only for members.  I informed him that it was great for others to read it and said I would get him a copy.  As I thought about it I decided to give him the scritpures I used as a young youth before my mission.  They were a leather bound quad.  I wanted to be sure to give him a Pearl of Great Price in addition to the others because of the parts about Moses and Abraham.  So I gave him my old scriptures.

It was a unique experience for me to give him that book.  He very seriously received them with both hands and then brought them to his lips and kissed them and thanked me for them.  He assured me that he would read them. 

I was touched by the way he received the scriptures and thought how we in our religion often treat them poorly or take them for granted.  We tend to give scriptures to our children in hopes that they will read and study them early in life and as a result they sometimes get tossed around, pushed under the couch or bed, the trunk of the car and sometimes forgotten.  It did not appear that he would treat them that way. 

He has since informed me that he is reading the parts I pointed out about Moses and Abraham and has even quoted from them in his religious instruction to his congregants.  It is a pleasure to see how he has accepted the scriptures and I wonder if we shouldn't treat scriptures with more care and appreciation as the word of God. 


  1. That is an amazing experience! I'll be thinking about that one for a long time and remember it forever.

  2. i remember when you first told me about this experience :) so cool, dad! it's also neat to hear that he is reading them and apparently enjoying what he is reading! i think we definitely could take a learning from your co-worker and the reverence with which he treats the word of God.


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