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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Song of Simplicity by Elijah Bossenbroek

Many years ago I used to work in a psychiatric hospital where one of the things that we did was provide some relaxation therapy for people.  I started paying attention to music that had the ability to catch a person who was in a moderate to high state of tension and anxiety and to bring them down to a calmer and peaceful state.  I no longer do that but I thought that this song would be one that could produce that effect.

The Song of Simplicity by Elijah Bossenbroek:
 Warning--this song shows a husband kissing his wife's bare pregnant stomach if that bothers you go to the next video.  

The video that goes along with this seems to give additional meaning to the song.  As if life is a circle a simple circle where we are born then live our life and come to a point where we do our life's work.  But ultimately as we fall in love, marry and then have a child it begins that process over again for a new generation.

Here's a version of the song with just a picture, no video.

Enjoy the song. 

1 comment:

  1. what a pretty song! it would work as relaxation therapy on me :)


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