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Monday, March 14, 2011

Gender Identification

I am a father of four daughters and am inexperienced boys or young men.  Nevertheless I found myself in a situation with a thirteen year old boy on a 45 minute trip twice today. 

I imagined that we would be talking about things like what is important in his life, religion and so forth.  After some brief discussion of those type of things I quickly found him with his beloved android cell phone in his hand and his recounting how he got the phone and all the "apps" that his phone had.  His phone looked something like this:

So he started telling me about his apps.  Initially he decided that he would get his brownie points and showed me that he had the scriptures available on his phone.  Then he wanted me to know he had a GPS on his phone so we would be sure to get where we were going.  "You do know how to get there don't you" he asked?  Next he mentioned that he had a variety of apps that made loud noises including the "exploding phone" app and, "most annoying" he said and then played his emergency sounding apps.  He was proud of the noise app that only made noise when he tilted it so he could start and stop the noise at will.  Then he had the "cracked phone" app and the "sneezed on phone" app and then he had to show me the "fart app".  No joke, it made a variety of gastrointestinal noises.  I said, "I'm surprised your mother lets you have that app" and he said "my mother doesn't know about that one".

Due to my lack of time with young boys I had forgotten how much they enjoy a variety of sounds and the best I could think to say to him after he demonstrated all those apps was, "One day all those sounds will not be so enjoyable to you".  To which he laughed as if he couldn't imagine such a thing. 

So I realize as I write this that women do a great service to society.  Actually they do several but the one I'm thinking of right now is that because boys develope an interest in women they began to change their interests and elevate their likes and behaviors.  Consequently the world is a much better place.  Ladies, I thank you, and the world thanks you for your existence and service of civalizing the boys. 

Later I was talking to my married daughter and telling her about this experience.  She recalled an experience when she was a young girl and some friend's children were visiting.  The oldest was a boy and he was playing with a doll house that our girls had at the time.  He especially enjoyed the van that went along with it so the dolls could drive around. 

Little Tikes Dollhouse red van mom dad girl boy

The young man was making screeching noises and crashing the van into things.  My daughter said that his play with their toys was so strange to she and her sisters that they all stopped what they were doing to watch his play.  "I had never even thought to play like that with our toys" was her comment. 
What would we men do without the civilizing effects of the ladies? 

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