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Monday, March 7, 2011

I think I'm not a rich man

Yes as I wrote the title of this blog I was imagining singing it to the tune of "I wish I were a rich man" from the movie Fiddler on the Roof.  Just a warning, this blog is a follow-up to Romantica by David Lanz. Click here to read it.

That is what I learned from Whole Foods on our date Friday night.  I learned that if you go to a grocery store that has the option of tiny little carts, well, that means that things are expensive and you may not be buying much.  So I pushed around the tiny little cart and I kept noticing the difference between the 4 or 5 items that we were buying compared to the items that other people were buying.  Poor, yup, I think I'm not a rich man. 

We ate at their cafe (which may be elevating it a bit) and the choice of foods was very nice but I felt like I was eating rich foods without atmosphere.  Oh well, I guess I can be equally unhappy as a poor man as I could as a rich man.  If that is true than surely the opposite is true as well, I can be equally happy -- that's what I choose! 

So we handled it by simply going to Trader Joe's; less choice, similar foods, more fun.  By the way I bought some cookies there that are really tasty.  They are called Lemon Heart Cookies and did I mention they are VERY tasty, I recommend we buy some more! 


So to sum up, I say if you are poor, skip Whole Foods and go directly to Trader Joe's.  Needless to say the company was great at both.  Hey, even the cashier at Trader Joe's thought we should skip Whole Foods in the future! 

My wife liked Trader Joe's better as well and that is double bonus!

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