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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My favorite blessing

I was in church the other day and a young woman got up to bear her testimony.  In the process of doing that she declared that her "favorite blessing" was her children.  Naturally I started thinking about what my favorite blessing was.

I have heard people including authorities talk about the greatest blessing that we have from Heavenly Father.  Needless to say there is no unanimity between everyone.  Some people say that the greatest blessing is our life.  Others say that the greatest blessing is our ability to choose what to do with our life--otherwise known as agency.  Some say the ability to reproduce, or the ability to love is our greatest blessing.  Some even take the opinion that the fullness of the gospel, the priesthood, the temple (pick one) is our greatest blessing.  There are so many 'greatest blessings' that it is hard to choose.  (Thank you very much I'll just accept them all!)
But I like how this Sister bypassed all that and told what her favorite blessing was.  Her choice for favorite was her children of which she had several.  I've thought about myself and there are lots of things I like, including computers and blogging but in reality they clearly are not my favorite nor the greatest blessing we have.  Immediately I thought of people and wondered which was my favorite blessing but that almost seems to be a popularity contest until I considered which blessing is indispensable. 

What person or thing do I have that is indispensable?  If you choose a person the time could come where they will be dead and then you'll see how indispensable they really are.  But if we consider death and the inevitable separation during a period of time when they are gone and we are not (or vice verse).  It would appear that no one is indispensable except Christ.  Consequently my favorite blessing doesn't have to be indispensable in the short run but everything that isn't eternal certainly pales in both categories of being my favorite blessing as well as the greatest blessing. 

After thinking about it for a couple weeks I decided that my favorite blessing is my wife!  And my opinion on the greatest blessing is leaning toward the new and everlasting covenant of eternal marriage.  Could I do without my wife?  Maybe in the short run but not through eternity.  I think the interesting question is what is her favorite blessing and her opinion about the greatest blessing?  Hmm.   I guess I better work on becoming her favorite blessing!

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  1. Good choice!!! This made me smile :) love you dad!! Oh and I will just go ahead and accept all the blessings too thank you very much! :)


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