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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flynn vs Flint

Some people call it the battle of the sexes but I prefer to call it gender gymnastics. 

Lisa and I had some friends over to the house and one of those situations arose and I said "in like Flynn" and she made a comment about "in like Flint".  I thought we were having our post age 50 hearing difference but it became evident that she was accustomed to that phrase being "in like Flint". 

So she suggested a showdown and that I Google it.  I did.  And the result is (click here if you care to read about it) that Flynn  is the right one.  It had reference to Errol Flynn and his swashbuckling and romance laden movies.  I learned something new that the phrase not only meant to be quick, smooth or successful, but had some sexual and romantic connotations as well.  I'll have to be careful with the use of that phrase. 

It turns out that there is a phrase "in like Flint" which may have been an offshoot of the original.  Apparently there was a movie with that title (click here to read about the movie).  This movie was actually a sequel to one called "Our Man Flint" and the title may have been a play on the phrase "in like Flynn" (interestingly enough there are several different books written with this title and even at least one song plus a TV movie from 1985 it appears).  So surprisingly it appears that I won that apparatus for the males but it was closer than I thought. 

In Like Flint

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