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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Groundhog days of our lives

So many folks have seen the movie Groundhog Day.  It is a fun movie that basically has a guy awakening each morning to exactly the same day that he keeps living over and over ad nauseam.  Then he finally figures out to try and improve it and do better until he gets the day right so to speak.  It is a comedy with Bull Murray so that tells you there are plenty of laughs. 

Many of us live the better part of our lives like that.  For example I got up today at 5:00 and took Haleigh to Seminary.  Then came home and read emails and read in my book, read scriptures with Lisa and then took Haleigh to school.  Then came home read some more got ready for work and went to work.  So my life is like a groundhog day sprinkled with weekends, High Council meetings, and an occasional fun time.  Isn't that what enduring to the end is all about?  Ha! 

Well I ran across this article referred to in a blog by C. Jane Enjoy It, that talks about parenting as Groundhog day and she goes through her daily routine.  My life is a veritable smorgasbord of variety compared to what she describes.  It is fun to read and is reminiscent of times when the kids were little.  I think you will enjoy it, so check it out here:

Now as for you-are you living the movie Groundhogs Day of monotony or a veritable garden of ever changing delights? 

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