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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Odd one Bunny day

So Haleigh and I are leaving church after a great afternoon of church services.  (One part was great because I was the speaker and it went well.)  As we are pulling out of the parking lot I see something that catches my attention. 

"Is that a bunny?" I say?

I'm seeing a white bunny looking thing moving down the street on it's hind feet using a cane!  Of course it is not really a bunny but instead is a human being dressed all in white with a big furry hooded coat that totally covers the head.  The "bunny" is walking down the street using the cane as it/he/she minces along looking very odd.  I'm all for not caring what people think about how you dress (as long as it is modest) but did that person (male or female I know not) know I would think they were a bunny?  Humph, I think not. 

I'm desperate for a one bunny day so I'll take it, but what an odd looking spectre to be walking down the street.  Almost as strange as the monkey that was in church today. 

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