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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday, the day of rest

Now with three of our daughters away from home we try to keep in touch with them by phone calls on Sunday whenever possible.  Oh we still have an array of emails, texts, quick calls for recipes and so forth but the major communication we try to do on Sunday.  This Sunday we were successful in getting in touch with each of them.  So here is the rundown:

Jaime and Mike--still happily married, still enjoying wedding gifts.  Very pleased to have a treadmill so they can still exercise in the extremely low temperatures in Minnesota (a low of -25 this week).  The "light" gifts I gave them at Christmas are coming in handy (a big range from romantic to work related I might add).  They finished the Alias series--maybe now they move on to 24?  Mike received a calling as E.Q. instructor to go along with Jaime's calling of nursery worker.  Jaime missed her assignment to talk but was given another one in Feb.  Fluttering behind knees does not tickle.  Mike is all applied at BYU and they are looking forward to see what will happen there. 

Megan--still loving her Spanish speaking house.  Still embarrassed that she has multiple dates and now guys are lining up for 2nd dates.  Making plans for housing next fall with her sister.  One roommate trying to set her up with her brother.  Doing well with her homework and classes.  Starting work at the testing center this semester again.  Finding this semester the most challenging yet which gives her the opportunity to choose her social opportunities more wisely which she has so far been successful with. 

Hilary--received a promotion to Supervisor at her work.  She is enjoying her Kindle and discovered the book I surreptitiously put on there and has been reading it wondering where it came from.  She is working on plans for housing in the fall and work over the summer.  She is singing in the shower.  (See her blog here).  She is making plans for the Sacrament Bread in Feb. as part of her calling.   Likes to eat meat (I would like to see that blogged!).  This coming week her class goes to a private alternative school (I think!) to observe, which she is looking forward to. 

So you might be interested in Haleigh as well--Went to EFY express last weekend and enjoyed it--except for the dance where she refused several requests for a dance.  She loved the Jon Schmidt Concert -- "He played laying on his back upside down!"  And she was impressed with the presenter who served his mission in Bangkok Thailand.  She went to Wakefield Branch with me Sunday and was a trooper with lots of folks she didn't know.  Exams are coming this week and chances of snow interfering are diminishing! 

So it was a Good Sunday to hear how the girls are doing and to see them progress toward their goals.  I'm sure glad they are ours! 

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  1. I'm glad I'm yours too!!! Also I am glad mike is now yours as well!!! :)


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