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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guru Daalatcooldudely

Lisa and I were emailing back and forth yesterday (this is what is taking the place of married couples actually talking together--sometimes we just email back and forth throughout the day and when we get home we feel like the other knows everything that has occurred that there isn't much to discuss).  As luck would have it I learned something interesting.  I learned that everyone is a Guru of something and if they think about it enough then they can figure out what they are a Guru off and then they must determine their Guru name. 

Now I don't claim to be an expert on Gurus but I did glance at the Internet and find out you can hire a Guru or drink a Guru (energy drink).  No I'm talking about an ability that each of us has that is so stupendous (or at least adequately so) to be labeled in the Guru category.  I wonder who may know what my Guru-ness is?  Any guesses. 

The title line tells you my Guru name--however I am unsure that will help you know my special 'ability'.  Ha!

So what is your Guru 'ability' and Guru name?  You might learn something about yourself while having a little fun here. 

(Note: this kind of reminds me of when we used to go on vacation as a family and would each have an assignment and we would call the person the ____ meister.  Meister means 'master' in German.  Drink meister, journal meister and so forth.  I guess I was the driving meister.)

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  1. Your guru-ness is...recognizing and correctly identifying nosepickers?? Idk how exactly that is summed up in your guru name, but I'm pretty sure that's it ;) hahaha!! I think you have alot of guru-nessities dad. I'm assuming you can be a multi-skilled guru? For you i would say reading, picking great presents for people, helping people, and eating dallas cookies :) Maybe my guru skills are...making dinner, loving mike, having alias or 24 marathons, and volleyball. So I am guru maravollovchef. It kind of sounds Russian...


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