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Sunday, January 16, 2011

No toe wiggles today

We got the report from Lynell after a great visit with her Dad.  He is more alert, watching and following.  Responding with his eyes when something is mentioned out of his sight he looks for it.  She ask him to wiggle his toes but he did not/could not.  She ask him to squeeze her hand three times he squeezed two.  His lips were moving as if trying to say something.  The way they have him set up he can't talk right now so maybe he will try when they get him situated so he could.  She called Mom and let her talk to him on the phone and she said he reacted to that with misty eyes.  Again she asked him to wiggle his toes.  No luck, but instead he raised his leg.  It sounds like Dad is coming back.  We'll be waiting. 

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