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Sunday, January 16, 2011

External Hard Drive

Okay, so my wife is my external hard drive.  She remembers all the stuff that I don't and most of what I do, so there is some overlap.  For instance, she remembers what day the trash man comes and the day the recycle man comes.  She remembers peoples names, what people were wearing, how many children our friends have and all the children's names and so forth. 

When I was first called to be Bishop several years ago I wished that we could have a remote hook up so that she could tell me people's names as I came up to them so that I could call them by name.  But it wasn't too long and my capacity was increased and I managed pretty good. 

Well, so, I bring this up because today I'm sitting at the computer and asking her how to spell different words. Yep, my spell checker is on her drive.  Maybe she thinks I'm writing my blog.  She asks if she is getting credited on my blog.  I'm not following her.  Then she quickly recants and says that she doesn't want to be named on my blog.  Why you might ask?  Well she explains that it's the times that I don't ask her how to spell things that bother her and she doesn't want to be named as the spelling director of my blog when I often don't ask her input and spell something wrong!  Hmmph. 

Well, no worries because I use the blog spell checker...sometimes. 

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha :) well at least you spelled "hmmph" right, dad ;)


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