Sometimes we get stuck seeing things our way. Would you like to see some things through another set of eyes? Maybe it will make you think and stretch or maybe just chuckle or shed a tear. Here is my world through my eyes...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Humility can cause laughter or pain

Actor # 1:  55 year old woman with cane

Actor #2:  Suave and well spoken man of indeterminate age

Actor #3:  East Indian man dressed professionally with a nice smile

Actor # 1:  "I can't wait 45 minutes to see my doctor, can I see him now?"

Actor # 2: "I'll check to see if we can arrange something."

Actor #2 approaches actor # 3 who nods his head.

Actor #2: "The doctor says he will be able to see you early."

Actor # 1: Walking at high speed to office with Actor # 3 while carrying cane, speaking to Actor # 2:  "I don't even know why I see you dufus!"

Actor # 2:  laughing pleasantly: "Only the same reason you've been seeing me for years."

Narrator:  "Humility can be well earned but is always appreciated."

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