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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Waking up

This morning as we do most mornings we knelt together as a family to start our day with a prayer.  We had a good friend visiting this morning so he joined us and we ask him to be voice for our family.  He said a phrase that I have heard him use before in prayer, but today it struck me different.  He said, "Thank Thee for waking us up this morning".  In the past I would inwardly smile at that and didn't give it much credence.  Today however it struck me a little different.  I thought of Dad and how he hasn't woken up for 2 weeks as he lies in a coma. 

Maybe I should be more appreciative of waking up in the morning and recognizing that as a blessing and a privilege and not take it for granted.  It is sobering to contemplate not waking up.  Usually I would think of death but what of being unresponsive for a period of time? 

Maybe I am the recipient of more blessings than I had realized.  I am indeed thankful for waking up even if that might entail some aches and pains, or doing some of the same things over and over, or might have some responsibilities that I don't like, or possibly be earlier than I would like.  Maybe in overcoming my ingratitude I can open my eyes to other blessings that I had formerly taken for granted and show and express more appreciation and gratitude to God as well as others around me.  Thanks DeJuan and Dad for that lesson.  Maybe I'm waking up to see what has always been there before me. 

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