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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Good Day--two bunnies or five deer

Early each weekday morning around 5:30 I take my youngest daughter to a class that she has at a friend's house.  In our ever encompassing search to find ways to elevate our morning at that time of the day when we generally would prefer to be asleep in bed we have come up with the one and two bunny day.  There are two groups of rabbits that live in our path from our house to that early morning class.  They are not often out and about but when they are we find it fun to see them hopping around in serpentine fashion.  We slow down to be sure that we don't come into contact with them as we want them to be there for another day.  So if we see one rabbit that of course is a one bunny day.  That is a good day right from the start.  A two bunny day, however; is even better!  Last week we had a two bunny day.  We like to imagine that having seen two bunnies that day will mean that the rest of the day will be a great day as well.

On my way back from dropping her off one day this week I saw something even more unusual. I saw a group of five deer going through the yards of one of the neighborhoods.  I slowed down to watch for a couple minutes which of course had them looking at me like, "what are you looking at buddy?"  Five deer going from house to house checking out people's Christmas schlock.  I guess that is the safest time of day for deer to make their rounds to check out Christmas lights or maybe they were going around doing Christmas caroling?  Alas no one was up to invite them in for hot chocolate and goodies.

So naturally my mind turned to the question how does a five deer day compare to a two bunny day.  Both were quite good thank you.  I hope that you have as nice a week as I managed last week.  Bunnies and deer can both bring smiles, that is when the deer are not in the road, like the one that crossed my way last night and caused some quick braking practice. 

To be honest I'm all for finding reasons to be happy when we are doing something good, so I'd rather focus on bunnies and deer rather than the time of the morning or the cold weather and the car heater taking it's time to get going.  I encourage you to find your bunnies and deer to improve your days. 

As it happened good news came about Dad on the five deer day and the two bunny day!  Dad is progressing in his awareness of what is around him and has even given the thumbs up sign a number of times to family and staff at appropriate time to indicate he is aware of what is going on.  Keep it up Dad we are praying for you! 

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  1. Your subconscious probably remembers that "bunny days" are something my mom started with us. We had that tradition when we were going to early morning seminary when I was a teenager. Once we saw four bunnies. I think that was the record: a four-bunny day! :-)


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