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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday Music #25 : Xcultures: One World One People


Brian Wayy is the producer behind Xcultures.  He has been involved in the music scene for many years working with other groups and singer helping to produce their music.  This particular project however was his chance to take many world music influences and infuse them into individual songs with multiple world music influences.  This was his debut and only album as far as I can find under the X cultures name.  With a quick web search I wasn't able to learn much about Brian Wayy.

The Album: One World One People by Xcultures

My favorite song on the album shares the title of the album:  One World One People.  I ran across this album a couple years ago and just re-discovered the music again today as it has gotten pushed to the back of my play list as I have been enjoying some other music recently. 

So often in our world it is easy to get caught up into a mini culture to the point where we eschew other cultures and people.  It seems to be a human trait to want to be better than others to the point where we are willing to demean or demonize other groups.  Culture wars between blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians and so forth often exist in a range from minor thoughtlessness and lack of understanding to extreme prejudice.  This happens in religion as well to the point where the actual tenets of a religion are not considered for their truthfulness or openness but rather the culture is assessed for its comfortableness.  Meaning that people associate with a religion because of a culture that is comfortable rather than teachings that have any benefit, meaning or are based on teachings from scripture.  Neighborhood cultures may take pride in their exclusiveness.  Any groups that has things in common may tend to be exclusive for any reason rather than inclusive.  To me the message of this song is that we are all a human family and need to realize we are all one race. 

The following YouTube video has the song but I must admit that the video images are not indicative of the meaning of the song by my estimation.  I would encourage you to ignore the video and listen to the song and seek a meaning uninfluenced by the video.

On the other hand this next video does not have the great music but is more indicative of the meaning.  This video is an interesting one of a flash mob that deals with a similar topic of One World One People.  So if you could figure out how to watch this video and listen to that song, well then you would have nirvana...briefly.

I hope you enjoy it.  Here is some artwork that seems to go along with the theme.


  1. haha well i didn't get to experience brief nirvana because i listened and then watched separately, but i really like the themes of this work :) i think it's so true what you said about the widespread-ness of living a life/adopting a culture that is comfortable rather than one that gives any actual benefit to a person. that second video and first song are really cool because they focus on being totally unified as "God's people" like the song says rather than focusing on differences. wouldn't it be great if people focused on commonalities instead of differences? the world would be so different!!

    1. You can play both videos at the same time but mute the second (click the speaker button next to the play button on the bottom left corner, and then an 'x' will appear to indicate that the sound is muted), and just scroll down so you only see the second one.


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