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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Funny Faces in Family pictures

Well surely everyone knows that when you take family pictures that there must be some funny shots.  You know, the looks you make before or after pictures.  Except these turn up IN the pictures.  Our photographer is fantastic and I love some of the NIP "Not Intended for Public" faces that she finds along the way.  Sometimes it is a comment or flash of comical-ism between shots, other times it is straining for that wonderful pose that goes awry.  Enjoy the fun. 
This one scores high for intensity.

He smiles in his sleep--unbelievable!

Trying to whip that face into shape.

It wasn't that funny!

Joyful but excessive.

This is like a scary movie, Yikes!

Perfect pose but something about that facial expression.

Honest there was no singing.

Surely you know as well as I that sometimes it is a strain to smile.

Poor baby!

I don't get it?!

Monsieur Perfect Face Award
--I mean honestly he had the same smile in every single picture! Disgusting!

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha!!!! These are awesome :) Megan's scary movie scarf face is excellent ;) I will have to start calling Mike Monsieur Perfect Face ;) it was so much fun getting those pictures taken together!!!!


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